Business Owner Qualifying Checklist

Do you qualify to work with us?

Please rate yourself against the following statements, as Definitely, Maybe, or No:

No Maybe Definitely
1. We have a highly effective, smooth running lead generation system in place.
 2. We readily convert all our leads into customers.
 3. Our customers are loyal and bring us all their repeat business.
 4. We sell more, over time, to all our customers.
 5. We have a Customer Referral System in place, that proves we get referrals from most of our customers.
6. Our website generates sales leads.
7. We cross-sell and up-sell to our customers.
8. We have down-sell options for our customers.
9. We have raised our prices in the last 6 months.
10.We are generating all the profits we want.


If you scored all Definitely, congratulations you don’t need us! Otherwise, let’s talk.

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