Where's the Hidden Treasure buried in YOUR Business?

Over my many years of working with small(ish) businesses, I’ve realised that all too many of them have been losing out on tens of thousands in lost profits, which they’d never find. That’s not merely the businesses that suffered, but also their owners’ personal lifestyles and wealth depleted. Worst of all, as they don’t have the necessary systems and skill sets to rectify this, these tens, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of unrealised profits are never to be got back. Depressing, isn’t it?

To redress this, I have evolved a process where in a mere 45 minute meeting with a business owner, I guarantee to uncover for them a minimum of £10,000 additional profit in their business, without them spending a penny piece more on advertising or marketing.

Right now, before I launch this service nationwide, I’m writing a book around my process. My publisher insists that I need to prove it works for all industry sectors before I go to print, essentially putting my reputation out there with it. (I will be charging the businesses that apply, and that I hand pick, £2,000 for this service, which I’m sure you’d agree is excellent value, when backed up with a written guarantee of a 10 X Return on investment!) But right now, in return for permission to use the results as a case study in my book, I will waive that fee for qualifying businesses, especially in sectors that I’m light on case studies for.

Unlock your business profit potential today!

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