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John HolderStrategic Marketing implementation, promoting Strategic Marketing, and helping business owners to resolve coherent relevant & robust Marketing Strategy is what we’re all about.

An example of how we think, and help fellow business owners understand these ideas can be found at Advertising Expensive?


Many of our services are risk free – well they are to you, because we guarantee results.

If you need your business to deliver the lifestyle you always planned, to be more successful but without you in it all the time, let’s talk. That way you’ll discover how we might bring that about, and if we can realistically work together.


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Client stories

John ran his eye over my plans to launch a new venture, and instantly came up with a brilliant e-marketing strategy that, even before I apply it, I know will bring me better results.
I can recommend John’s services, and look forward to further insights from him as we proceed.
Graham Price, CEO, Abicord


Many other clients prefer to remain anonymous, which we respect.


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