Advertising Expensive?

If you do lots of advertising, or this is your idea of how it would be, here is good news!

Money to burn?Many complain about high costs,  and well they might if they're not getting results.

Isn't it sad that the very people you'd expect to help you, have a vested self-interest in you getting it wrong! That is the newspaper, magazine or directory publishers. They stand to lose revenue if you employ good effective advertising, which often leads to market domination; you would then drive out competitors, and over time spend less yourself.

Some other professionals can be just as bad (not all I hasten to add). I refer to graphic designers who show off their talents in an arty way that does nothing to help your business. Or copywriters who provide 'purple prose', but do nothing to help you with the layout.

How to STOP Ineffective Advertising Burning Your Money cover-shot

Now this report sets the record straight, which will not please advertising publishers because it clearly demonstrates why most advertising fails to produce results, what is missing, and more importantly how you can get yours right in future. It outlines a method that you can use, as a starting point, to assess your existing advertising in whatever media, including web sites. This also makes it easier to improve your returns from Google Adwords, and similar alternatives.

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Your Free Guide to
Getting Results from Advertising

Why it isn't working, what is missing, and how to achieve high value results.

  • 1

    Why people believe that advertising is expensive.

    Ineffectual advertising never produces worthwhile results. But what makes it ineffectual? What are the vital elements to transform effectiveness? Can lower priced advertising work better? These questions are answered in the report.
    Publishers depend on numerous advertisers competing for attention, with bland ineffectual entries so that they can upsell you to more expensive bigger, brighter more colourful ones. Topped up with ill-considered casual entries from "late cancellation" offers. Armed with this knowledge, you can now beat them at their own game!

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    What you can achieve, regardless of media.

    That's right, this report spans ALL media, including web pages and web advertising, not merely printed matter. This universal truth applies equally well to PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, Facebook advertisements, LinkedIn advertising, classified listings and directory entries. You will understand how to focus your materials to dramatically improve results for your business.
    This includes getting the message in front of the right people for you.

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    How your advertising can be transformed from today, and deliver value for money.

    An action guide to modify your future approach on advertisement design.
    Explained in 3 easy stages, in clear readily understandable terms, for a quick return for the little time you invest reading it.

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