Are you dependant on Digital Marketing?

Sample Report section

Many businesses rely upon digital marketing to generate sales. But many are not doing it well. Which makes it at best needlessly expensive, or at worst ineffectual.

Diagnostic Tool

To analyse such systems, I have a new diagnostic tool which identifies what works well, and what needs improving. The end result is a report on what changes are necessary, and a road map for how to implement them.

Service Options

This service is delivered safely, on-line, protecting both parties in one of the following forms:

  1. Approximately 1 hour will allow us to take the Jumpstart or Quick Look, which for many is sufficient to get them moving in the right direction. This covers 12 aspects.
  2. Approximately half a day allows the Deepdive or In Depth analysis, which covers 40 aspects in finer detail. This option is ideal for a business heavily dependant upon digital marketing, where it is mission critical to get it absolutely right. This option may be delivered in a series of shorter slots, if that suits you better.

Next Steps

Now is the opportune moment to avail yourself of this new service. Due to ongoing Covid-19 chaos, we all need to get better at marketing without physical face-to-face meetings, so more businesses are forced into digital marketing.

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