Author: John Holder

How clear is your vision?

Do you remember those weird picture puzzles, the ones that look like a random abstract mess of colours at first glance? Some people were able to focus their sight in such a way as to see through that mess and

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Limiting beliefs; are they really the villain of the piece?

The other day I realised that what we are normally told is not entirely true. Personal Development people consistently tell us how limiting beliefs hold us back, and get in the way of us ever achieving our full potential. While

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Reading List, my recommendations

Just a quick introduction today, to an occasional series of recommended reading for business people. No froth, just the good stuff, and why I feel you would benefit from reading them. So please return regularly for new additions here.

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Profit Coventry 2012

I had an exciting time yesterday; I was interviewed on local radio! No, that is not what got me excited, this is not me having an ego trip! First off, let me thank Mark Sephton for inviting me on to

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It is finally here, the Profit-Growth Unlimited blog

What would you like to read in this blog?

The intention is to cover business interest topics, together with problems that arise and helpful advice on business development ideas.