COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

It has taken the #Covid-19 virus to cause me to examine both my actions and my motives as a business adviser. You see, as a business strategist, I’m supposed to:

  • lead
  • inspire
  • cause change
  • positively impact those around me

… and especially those that need help in this time of economic crisis.


I’ve been sitting at my desk with literally mountains of business growth experience, tools and systems at my disposal … but with only self-centered thoughts about how this might impact my family. I finally realised I was focused on myself instead of the wider community, and for this, I’m sorry.

Affordable for all

For this reason, until further notice, any business owner / chief exec can now enjoy my group at a drastically reduced fee. During this crisis, instead of the regular £497/month, you need only pay £147/month so it’s affordable for everyone, and you also have a 200% ROI guarantee. That is, at the end of the month, if you don’t think you received at least double the value from that monthly fee, just let me know and I’ll refund that month’s payment, no questions asked.

Safe & comfortable

To keep us all safe, we will meet on-line, in a virtual environment so we can come together without placing ourselves and our loved ones at risk.


Just so you know what to expect, in each session you’ll learn:

  • how to generate more leads
  • close more sales
  • what steps you can take when things settle down that will help you generate immediate revenue with increased profits.

Following that, I’ll open up the virtual forum for questions, masterminding solutions, and general problem solving.

You will receive my best advice, share in all my marketing and business growth secrets, and have all your questions answered. And the following week, we’ll do it again. And we’ll keep going for as long as this crisis lasts.

We’re going to be 100% proactive and results-oriented in these sessions, with no fluff and no theory.

I’m here to serve my community by facilitating this.

Join us now and you will replace confusion & uncertainty with confidence. You will gain:-


  • about how to survive
  • about why your customers buy from you
  • and about your message to resonate with more prospects


  • in your message
  • through all channels
  • by all your team



  • through systemised processes that will deliver results when required
  • plus taking back control of your own future
sign up now



If however you prefer more details before you start reaping these benefits, rather than facing this battle alone, please see here

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