Rural Growth Network

Businesses in rural Warwickshire, as defined by post code, can now access some free help with their quest for growth, thanks to the Rural Growth Network. This scheme is trialling in 5 counties around the UK, and I am delighted to help some different businesses on my doorstep in this way.

The greatest challenge appears to be lack of awareness about this project. The first business I contacted said “Thank you so much for bringing this to us. We hadn’t heard about it before.” So please spread the word to your friends around the county!

The scheme provides 12 hours fully funded assistance, through a combination of coaching and 3 hour workshops. Although geared to established businesses, there is an associated scheme to support rural start-ups.

Qualifying businesses include non-agricultural diversification businesses located on a working farm, as well as industrial premises outside of the main county towns.

To find out more, including if you are eligible, please get in touch with me, on 01788 812050

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