Sales Lead Generation

The questions I hear time and time again are how do I generate sales leads? How can I get more sales leads? Why isn’t my lead generation process working for me?

Generating Sales Leads for Your Business

If you are struggling to generate the sales leads your business needs, it’s time to adopt the Strategic Marketing approach. That means understanding who buys your products and services, and why. Then identifying where they can be reached, and what language they understand, their specific jargon if you like, so that your message can be heard. Why do I say this? Allow me to explain, step by step.


Do you know your customer avatar? If not, the best place to start is your existing customer base, and analyse who they are in general terms and why they felt they needed your product or service. When I say who they are in general terms, I mean ignore their name, focus instead on what commonality they may have with other customers. In a consumer market this may represent age group, gender and geographical area. Whereas in a business market, this may represent size of business, industry sector, how long established. If you are struggling to create this avatar, please don’t be shy, but rather get in touch with me as I can help you build this ideal customer profile.

The Buyers Journey

Let’s explore how buyers make their decision, so that we know how to reach them. Did you know that 99% or more of all buyers make their decision based upon information that they glean from various sources? Our aim must be to become their trusted information source.

A prospect is only a prospect once they recognise for themselves that they have a problem that your product or service can help them solve. We must forget about the ones who need our offering but don’t realise it yet! The buyers journey is a discovery process, starting with that recognition of a problem. The next step is research about what benefits they may gain from owning alternative solutions. Or in other words why should I buy what you sell?Buyer's Journey schematic

As they learn more, they then start looking at objections to ownership. Be aware that not all objections are logical, and directly about your offering! For simplicity sake, this is where they ask themselves what may/will happen if I do buy? This can embrace a comparative assessment between the problem you can help them resolve and other issues facing their business, or their lives. For instance, in a B2B environment, a customer relationship management system may appear to be of lower priority to a credit control system for a business that is leaking cash. Similarly consumers may view upgrading their heating system to be a higher priority than refitting their bathroom. But please bear in mind these objections to ownership are time related, they are not a “never” decision, but merely a “not right now” assessment. That is why they need to be nurtured through this phase until they are ready to go ahead and purchase what you are offering.

Finally, the prospect reaches that wonderful status that I refer to as Now Buyers. These comprise less than 1% of your prospects! And at that stage their primary focus is on vendor selection, or in other words who offers the best value for money?

For more details, including example case studies, request the more comprehensive report <The Buyers Journey>

Frustrated by lack of sales leads

Frustrated man lacking sales leads.

Tactical Marketing

Tactical Marketing is focused upon that minute market segment of Now Buyers. This means for the vast majority of businesses, and your unenlightened competitors, expensive and frustrating marketing experiences, and poor sales return. That is unless they sell very common purchases, especially low ticket items, emergency offerings, or impulse buys.

Strategic Marketing

Now you understand how the vast majority of buyers reach their decision. You are now ready to implement Strategic Marketing, consistent with helping prospects through the Buyers Journey by sharing information. Typically, this takes the form of info products such as free reports in exchange for minimal contact details. That means just sufficient for you to nurture those prospects through their Buyers Journey. Please bear in mind that prospects gather information and reach decisions to their own timetable. Some will complete in days what others may take months to settle. Uncertain about how to create such reports? Call me, I can help you put them together.

The Essence of Marketing

Would you like to know the secret of marketing … the rarely revealed formula that will enable you to literally DOMINATE your marketplace?

Your marketing MUST enter the inner conversation taking place in the head of your prospects. That conversation revolves around just two things:-

  • there’s a problem the prospect has and doesn’t want
  • there’s a result the prospect craves but doesn’t have

Communicating your Message

There’s a hidden formula that will make enable you to create marketing so powerful, your prospects will recognise that they would be an absolute idiot to buy from anyone else but you!

This formula will allow you to out-market and out-sell all of your competition

Interrupt – Engage – Educate – Offer

The Interrupt is your marketing’s headline, and it must address the problem your prospects have that they don’t want. The Engage is your marketing sub-headline, and it must promise the result that those prospects crave but don’t have. The Educate focuses upon what it is that you do which makes you unique, something your direct competitors cannot offer but that you do, and that is of tremendous value to your prospects. The Offer is something so compelling and valuable to your prospects that it is irresistible!

Nurturing your Prospects

Feeding information to your prospects, as they travel their Buyers Journey, my take the form of a drip-campaign. I can assist you in creating that, whether on-line or not. The better you educate your prospects, the higher your subsequent conversion rate will be. To learn more about improving your Conversion Rate, please revisit as the link will appear here soon.

What next

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