All businesses are different, and every client has their own unique needs. Many struggle to generate the sales leads and new customers to grow their businesses, in a cost-effective way, while others need to improve their profit margins. To accommodate these discrete needs we offer a variety of service levels to match them; factors that decide the right fit include desired outcome & timescale, available internal resources, and budget. And we work on a results related fee basis. You may qualify for a 45 Minute Turnaround, check here.

Lost focus or direction? Uncertain if your business is ready right now for Strategic Marketing? Let’s review or rethink your Marketing Strategy together. For clarity, I define strategy as “a collection of tactics, designed to work harmoniously together to achieve a stated objective”.

Great Strategy ideas, but struggling to make it happen? Let’s create a viable implementation programme together.

“The greatest Strategy in the world has less
value than a poor one implemented well.”

You too can reap the extra profit, instead of:

  • overwhelm from too many great ideas
  • confusion about which strategy to apply first
  • struggling to adapt new strategies to fit your business.

Together we can implement better, faster.


Some clients seek a short term fix, to solve a specific problem. Others prefer a long term relationship, sometimes seen as more of a partnership, where we work closely together to attain that client’s goals.

ISO Quality Services Ltd is an ISO implementation and certification business based in Worcester. We are a small but growing organisation and work with business to business clients around the UK and Ireland. We employee 12 staff at our head office and have approx. 12-14 regular sub-contractors who act as our service delivery team around the country.

John came and undertook a coaching session with myself (Operations Director) on the business. We have spent time with numerous coaches in the past, however what I found with John’s style was that it gave us clarification from a 3rd party perspective on our current sales processes. It identified some potential new routes to market and also reassured us that what we were doing was good practice. It allowed us to view the business and its employees objectively and develop tangible ideas to move forward with.

I would recommend anyone that is seeking to improve any areas of their business or achieve high growth targets to engage in a session with John.

Jennifer Appleton, ISOQS Ltd

Jennifer Appleton, ISO Quality Services Ltd


Drawing from the thinking of such business luminaries as Michael Gerber, Napoleon Hill, and Bob Proctor, plus many others less well known, John Holder has distilled this knowledge so that you gain fast results.

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